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Portable Toolbox

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Essential tools to take everywhere.

11-in-1 Screwdriver

Klein 11-in1 Screwdriver

3/8" Ratchet

3/8" Drive Swivel Head Ratchet

Ball Peen Hammer

16oz Ball Peen Hammer

Combination Wrench Set Roll

Metric wrench set, roll. 8-22mm

Economy Multimeter

Digital multimeter

Electrical Tape

3M Electrical Tape

3/8 Socket Set

3/8 Inch Drive Deep Socket Set, (6-24mm)

Allen/Hex Key Set

Metric & SAE long arm, ball end, hex key set by Gearwrench.

Channel Lock Plier

Knipex 12-in Adjustable Pliers

Crescent Wrench

Adjustable wrench, 8-inch

Electrical Pliers

Electrical Pliers, Crimp, Strip, Cut

Long Nose Pliers

Knipex Needle Nose Pliers, 8 in.

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