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1999-2007 GM 5.3 Front Crank Seal

Time: 1-2 hrs

Difficulty: moderate

Cost: $20-50

The video below shows how a leaking front crankshaft seal was replaced on a 1999-2007 Chevy/GMC with the 5.3L engine. The process is the same for the Silverado, Sierra, Yukon, Tahoe, Suburban, Denali and Escalade.

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Front Crankshaft Seal

GM Front crankshaft seal (verify vehicle fit on Amazon)

24" Adjustable Wrench

Large adjustable wrench

Bearing Puller

General purpose bearing puller.

GM Pulley Install Tool

GM Harmonic balancer/crank pulley installation tool. Used to press pulley back onto the crank.

Makita High Impact Torque Wrench

Brushless 1/2" Drive High-Impact Torque Wrench (battery sold separately)

Gasket Scraper Set

Gasket scraper set, 4 pc

Seal Puller

Oil and grease seal remover

GM Flywheel Locking Tool

Remove starter, insert flywheel locking tool. Likely not needed if you have a high-torque impact gun.

GM Balancer Puller

GM Harmonic Balancer Puller. Front crank pulley removal tool.

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