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2002-2006 Camry: Front Brake Pads & Rotors

Time: 30 min - 1 hr

Difficulty: moderate

Cost: $40-150 (depending on rotors)


Brake pads wear and rotors warp. This is evidenced by brake noise in the case of pads, and a pulse felt in the pedal or a shake felt in the steering wheel while braking.


Brake pads and rotors are replaced on condition as a result of inspection or symptom.


To replace front brake pads, you'll need to remove the front wheel and brake caliper on each side. If you're doing rotors too, you'll need to remove the caliper bracket. After installing the new rotor, you'll install the bracket and new pads. Because the new pads are thicker, you'll have to compress the brake caliper piston in order for it to fit over the new pads. As you compress the caliper, make sure the fluid doesn't overflow the brake reservoir as it's forced back into the system. Once everything is installed, use brake cleaner to clean the rotor and pads from any grease or grime that may have been on your hands. Pump the brakes with your foot until the pedal feels firm, check the fluid level, and you're all done.

See the process on a 2002-2006 era Toyota Camry.

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6" C-Clamp

Brake Lube Grease

Brake parts lubricant

Front Brake Rotor

Camry front rotor, 1 pk (verify vehicle fit on Amazon)

Wire Brush Set

Steel-wire cleaning brush set

Disposable Gloves

8mil disposable work gloves


Aerosol brake and parts cleaner

Mechanic's Wire

16 ga Mechanics Wire

Rotor Screws

Brake disc rotor screws

Front Brake Pads

Camry front brake pads (verify vehicle fit on Amazon)

Anti-Seize Lubricant

Easier assembly/disassembly. Helps to prevent galling, corrosion, and seizing

Disposable Shop Towels

Scott Blue Shop Towels in a Box

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