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2006-2013 Rav4: Battery and Engine Clean

Time: 5-15 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Cost: $0-20 (once you've bought the spray, it can be used multiple times)


Poor battery connections can be a show-stopper. It's never convenient when your vehilce won't start, and a lot of money can be wasted on tow bills and diagnostics for what started as a very simple problem requiring an inexpensive service. 

As current flows and temperatures change, the battery sweats hydrogen gas, which reacts with the oxygen and water in the air to cause corrosion. As resistance increases, the battery, starter, and alternator bear the strain and may ultimately fail. 


It's a good idea to inspect the battery every oil change, and service as needed. If they still look pretty good, spray the connections with some battery cleaner, then treat them with battery protection spray. If there's excessive build up, you may want to disconnect the terminals and scrape them clean before reconnecting and treating. 


The battery can be cleaned in place, or removed. The basic idea is to neutralize the acid buildup and protect against future corrosion. Battery connections need to be CLEAN, BRIGHT, and TIGHT to optimize current flow. 

Watch the video below to see how it was done on a 2007 Toyota RAV4.

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Blow Gun

Adjustable rate air nozzle

Battery Terminal Pliers

Spread & clean battery terminal ends

Baking Soda

Used for cleaning and neutralizing battery surface acidic buildup

Battery Cleaner Spray

Neutralizes and dissolves battery corrosion

Disposable Gloves

8mil disposable work gloves

Wire Brush Set

Steel-wire cleaning brush set

Battery Terminal Brush

Battery cable and terminal cleaning brush

Battery Protection Spray

Corrosion inhibitor

Purple Power

Industrial strength cleaner and degreaser

Disposable Shop Towels

Scott Blue Shop Towels in a Box

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