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2006-2013 Rav4: Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Time: 10-15 minutes

Difficulty: easy-moderate

Cost: $15-30 (filter brand)


The heating and air conditioning system in a vehicle draws fresh outside air into the vehicle where it is filtered prior to being heated or cooled and ducted to various outlets.


If the filter becomes restricted with dirt and/or moisture, airflow suffers, reducing the efficiency of the climate control system.


The cabin filter is typically replaced every 15-30,000 miles. Heavy dust or salt environments, humidity, and HVAC load each affect the lifespan of the filter. If the filter appears dirty, replace it.


The filter is serviced by opening the airbox, then removing and replacing the filter element. It's a good idea to vacuum out the airbox at the same time.

The video below shows the cabin air filter replacement on a 2007-2013 generation Toyota RAV4.

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