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2006-2013 Rav4: Radiator Hoses and Coolant

Time: 1-2 hrs

Difficulty: moderate-diffucult (hose access/proper tools)

Cost: $100-150


The coolant's job is to cool the engine without eating the parts it's meant to protect. Additives inhibit corrosion, enhanve lubricity, extend the temperature range, etc. When these additives break down or become polluted, parts wear quickly, gaskets leak, and overheating occurs; which is costly!

Radiator hoses degrade from the inside out, making pending failure difficult to detect. Cracks and pin hole leaks can lead to loss of coolant or rupture. Fresh hoses can prevent a steaming roadside breakdown.


Most extended life coolants are meant to last up to 5 yrs/150,000 miles. If the coolant looks dark, rusty, or leaves a film on the overflow resevoir, it's overdue. The thermal-protection range can be also be tested. Staying ahead on the maintenance schedule provides peace of mind against costly water pump and head gasket failures. 

With hoses, the replacement range is anywhere from 2-8 years. It makes sense to replace them with the coolant every 5 years/150,000 miles. If they looked cracked/dried-out or feel overly soft or thin when squishing them by and, replace them sooner. 


When the vehilce is cooled down, drain the coolant and replace the hoses. While you're at it, condiser replacing the thermostat. Add coolant to the radiator and overflow resevoir. Run the vehilce until it reaches normal operating temperature. This will ensure the thermostat opens up and circulates the fluid throughout the engine. Turn of the engine  and wait for the vehicle to cool completely (like overnight), then fill the radiator completely and the resevoir to range. 

Fluid and Hoses -

Complete Coolant Exchange/Flush -

The video below shows the process on a 2006-2013 era Toyota RAV4.

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Thermostat & Gasket

Rav4 thermostat & gasket (verify fit on Amazon)

Upper Radiator Hose

Rav4 upper radiator hose (verify fit on Amazon)

Hose Clamp Pliers, 24"

Flexible hose clamp pliers, 24"

Antifreeze Tester

Test coolant protection range

Toyota Radiator Cap

Genuine Toyota Radiator Cap

Toyota Antifreeze Consentrate

Toyota Long Life Coolant Concentrate

Lower Radiator Hose

Rav4 lower radiator hose (verify fit on Amazon)

Hose Clamp Pliers

Lockable hose clamp pliers

Underhood Work Light

Corded/Cordless underhood work light

Coolant Drain Pan

Coolant Drain Pan

Toyota 50/50 Mix Antifreeze

Toyota Prediluted Long Life Coolant

Automotive Trim Removal Tool

5-piece upholstery & trim removal tool set

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