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2013-2018 Toyota Avalon: Front Strut Replacement

Time: 1-2 hrs (plus alignment)

Difficulty: moderate

Cost: $250-400


Bad struts can produce a variety of symptoms:

  • reduction in road handling/feel

  • accelerated or uneven tire wear

  • bouncy or rough ride

  • clunking noises

  • body sag or change in ride height

  • squat or dive while accelerating or braking

  • visible oil leakage from the shock


Strut life varies depending on road conditions, driving style, vehicle weight, part quality, etc. Typically, struts last anywhere from 50,000 to well over 100,000 miles. If a shock or strut is totally blown, you can bounce on the front or rear bumper and the vehicle will continue to oscillate.


The easiest and safest way to replace a strut is to buy a "loaded strut".

When front struts are replaced, front end steering and suspension geometry changes. After doing the struts, an alignment will be necessary.

How to replace the front struts (shocks) on a 2013-2018 Toyota Avalon. The process will be the same for most any year Toyota Camry. Be sure to plan on having the vehicle aligned after the service.

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