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2013-2023 Honda CB500F/R/X: Oil and Filter Change

Time: 15-30min (warm up)

Difficulty: easy

Cost: $25-60

Interval: 8,000 miles or annualy (OEM), however 2,000-5,000 miles is common based on riding style

Oil cleans, lubricates, cools, and protects the engine internals. When it breaks down, it can't do that as effectively leading to wear and leaks. Motorcycles tend to live in extremes. They're either ridden hard, or they go months without being ridden at all. When ridden, oil breaks down from heat, shearing action, contamination, etc. When the bike sits, moisture from venting to the atmosphere doesn't have the opportunity to burn off causing the oil to sludge and become caustic to metal parts.

If you ride hard, change the oil frequently. If you ride rarely, change the oil at least annually.

The video below shows an oil and filter change on a 2013-2023 Honda CB500 F,R, and X motorcycle.

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Low Profile Oil Drain Pan

Motorcycle oil drain pan

Honda Oil Filter

HONDA Genuine 15410-MFJ-D01 Engine Oil Filter

Oil Filter Wrench

Oil Filter Pliers, adjustable. This works great for most oil filters.

Disposable Gloves

8mil disposable work gloves


Aerosol brake and parts cleaner

Honda 10W-30

Honda GNA 10W-30 Motorcycle Oil, 1 gal

Long Skinny Funnel

Multi-use long, skinny funnel

Swivel Oil Filter Wrench

Swivel oil filter wrench. Fits most standard size oil filters.

Disposable Shop Towels

Scott Blue Shop Towels in a Box

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