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2015-2017 F150: Rear Differential Fluid Change

Time: aprrox 30 min

Difficulty: easy

Cost: $40-150 (oil preference, gasket replacement)


High temperatures and heavy loads break down the protective properties of gear oil over time. Gear wear and moisture from venting to atmosphere further contaminate the fluid which can lead to leaks and premature part failure.


Replacing the rear differential fluid every 30-60,000 miles is good maintenance. Frequent start/stop driving, towing, high temperatures, or exposure to heavy dust or water might merit the earlier end of the range, while straight-and-level commuting would allow for a stretched-out interval.


While some rear differentials have a drain plug, most do not. Most often, the rear cover is removed to drain the fluid and inspect the gears. The cover is then resealed, installed, and fluid added through the fill hole.

An alternate method is to use a fluid extractor. While this is quicker and easier, you may not get out all the settled grime.

If the fluid capacity is not known, general practice is to fill the differential with the recommended gear oil to just below the fill hole (approx 1/2"). This allows for fluid expansion when hot without overpressuring the seals or causing the oil to foam and cavitate.

The video below shows the fluid extraction method on a 2016 Ford F150.

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Rear Differential Gasket

2015-2023 Ford F150 rear differential gasket. Verify fit on Amazon

Bucket Pump

5-gallon bucket pump

Pneumatic/Manual Fluid Extractor

Pneumatic/Manual fluid extractor.

Disposable Shop Towels

Scott Blue Shop Towels in a Box

Bottle Pump

Quart and gallon bottle pump

Motorcraft 75W-85

Motorcraft premium synthetic hypoid gear lubricant. 75W-85.

Disposable Gloves

8mil disposable work gloves

Manual Fluid Extractor

Topsider manual fluid extractor/vacuum pump


Aerosol brake and parts cleaner

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