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2015-2017 F150: Side Marker Light Bulb Replacement

Time: 5-10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: $5-10 (bulb type/qt)


Bulbs fail from heat, vibration, and damage. Routine maintenance isn't necessary, but sometimes a good bulb will be replaced at the same time as a bad bulb because access to the location can be difficult.

Bulbs are also replaced to increase output, change color, or convert to LED.


To replace the front marker light bulb on a 2015-2017 Ford F150, you'll pop the hood and find the extended bulb socket located in the back and top of the headlamp assembly. Because of the limited space, it may be easier to use a pair of pliers to delicately disconnect and remove the socket. Once removed, the bulb pulls out for replacement.

Remember not to touch the new bulb with your fingers. The oils from your hands will create hotspots that cause premature bulb failure. Use latex gloves, or put your hand inside of a plastic sack when handling new bulbs.

There is no difference in difficulty from the left side to the right (driver's side, passenger side).

Watch the video below to see the front marker bulb was replaced on a 2016 Ford F150.

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Side Marker Light Bulb

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