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2015-2017 F150: Vacuum Pump Oil Leak Repair (3.5L EcoBoost)

Time:  approx 1 hr

Difficulty: moderate  (access)

Cost: $25-40


On a turbo charged engine, vacuum in the intake manifold is not always present. Rather than air being drawn in by the pistons, creating vacuum, the turbo pressurizes the manifold. The brake booster utilizes vacuum for brake-assist. With turbo engines, an alternate vacuum source is required.


The 2.7L and 3.5L EcoBoost engines are prone to an oil leak at the vacuum pump where it mates to the cylinder head. The leak is often confused with a leaking valve cover gasket. Oil runs down the back of the head and drips onto the exhaust. In some cases, the oil will make it to the floor, but often the leak is first noticed as a burnt-oil smell in the cab at slow speeds or when stopped.


The vacuum pump can be found on the back of the cylinder head on the passenger side. The spacing between the head and the firewall is limited, making the repair more difficult. A good mirror, light, and the right tools will make the job easier. Before you start the job, make sure you've already purchased the specialty o-ring and silicone.

The video below shows the vacuum pump oil leak repair on a 2016 Ford F150 pickup with the 3.5L EcoBoost.

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Underhood Work Light

Corded/Cordless underhood work light

F150 Vacuum Pump

Ford DL3Z-2A451-B replacement vacuum pump

Inch-pound Torque Wrench

20-150 in lbs torque wrench. 1/4" drive.

1/4" Socket Set

Great 1/4" socket set with ratchet and driver

Makita Drill & Driver Combo

Brushless 1/4" Impact and 1/2" Drill Combo (5.0Ah)

Inspection Mirror

Telescoping swivel 2" inspection mirror

F150 Vacuum Pump Seal Kit

Gasket and o-ring seal kit

RTV Gasket Maker

Permatex Ultra Black Oil Resistant RTV Silicone Gasket Maker

Impact Driver Socket Adapters

1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" Socket Adapters for 1/4" Impact Driver


Aerosol brake and parts cleaner

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