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2019-2023 Sierra/Silverado: Tire Sensor Programming/Relearn

Time: < 5 min

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: $8-40 (tool pricing)


The computer recieves a tire pressure signal from the sensor mounted within each valve stem. The driver information display provides pressure and warning information to the driver. Because the tire pressure sensors are not wheel specific, the computer needs to correlate each sensor to a position on the vehilce.  This is called relearning, programming, training, etc.

The relearn must be completed if a sensor is replaced or a wheel/tire combo changes location on the vehicle (tires rotated front to back, tire replacement, sensor failure).


5th generation GM 1500 vehilces require a relearn tool to proform tire pressure sensor training. This is now common practice across most every manufacturer. The tool is inexpensive, and the process is simple. 

Watch the video to see how it was done on a 2020 GMC Sierra 1500. 

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Tire Inflator w/ Gauge

Milton analog tire inflator with gauge

ACDelco TPMS Sensor

ACDelco replacement tire pressure sensor


GM Tire Pressure Sensor Relearn Programming Tool

Generic TPMS Sensor

Aftermarket tire pressure sensor (4pk)

Universal Relearn Tool

Multi-vehicle TPMS Programming Tool

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