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2019-2024 Sierra/Silverado: Transmission Fluid & Filter Service

Time: approx 3 hrs

Difficulty: moderate to difficult

Cost: $250-400


An automatic transmission is a complex hydraulic pump with gears, clutches, bearings, valves, and actuators. The fluid in an automatic transmission is used to apply pressure, transfer torque, clean, cool, lubricate, and activate components. To perform its function, it needs to be in peak condition.


Replacing the filter and fluid often can prevent one of the costliest repairs you can experience on a vehicle, the transmission. Heat, shearing forces, contaminates, and wear cause automatic transmission fluid to lose its protective properties. As the fluid additives and properties break down, temperatures increase, clutches wear, flow restricts, and components fail.


GM recommends replacing the transmission fluid and filter every 45,000 miles, which falls in line with an industry standard of 30-60,000 miles, depending on driving conditions. Heavy start/stop traffic, hills, towing, extreme temperatures, etc warrant earlier service, while long-distance flat-driving can stretch out the interval.

Transmission fluid should be replaced on-condition. What does on-condition mean? New fluid is pink/red and opaque. Spent fluid is brown to black and has a horrible burnt smell. You obviously want to replace it before it gets to that point.


On this vehicle, lowering the exhaust y-pipe is necessary to remove the pan and access the filter. Once the new filter is installed, it's important correctly check the fluid level.

On the 10L80, 10-speed  transmission, checking the fluid level requires getting the transmission fluid to the appropriate temperature. Watch the video below to see the complete service procedure and final fluid level check.

The process is the same for 2019-2024 Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, Sierra, Tahoe, and Escalade with the 10L80 transmission. The transmission can be identified by scanning the QR code on the driver's door post. An RPO code of MQB designates the 10L80 transmission.

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Magnetic Work Light

5000mAh Magnetic Work Light, 1200 Lumens

Crow's Foot Wrench Set

3/8" drive crowfoot wrench set, SAE

Exhaust Manifold/Pipe Gasket (LH)

Exhaust pipe gasket, LH side. Fel-Pro 61089, GM 15035747

Dexron ULV ATF

Dexron ULV Automatic Transmission Fluid, ACDelco 10-4107

Transmission Filter

GM 10L80 Automatic Transmission Filter. TF937, GM PN 24294355

Bucket Pump

5-gallon bucket pump

E-Torx Socket Set

E-torx socket set, female start E4-E20, external torx

Oxygen Sensor Socket

7/8" 6-point oxygen sensor socket, 3/8" drive

Exhaust Manifold/Pipe Gasket (RH)

Exhaust pipe gasket, RH side. Fel-Pro 61074, GM 1575548

Transmission Pan Gasket

ACDelco Transmission Pan Gasket. 10L80, 10-Speed Transmission, RPO MQB. 24297886

Allen Wrench Set

Allen Hex Wrench Set, Metric & Standard

3/8" Speed Handle

3/8" drive speed handle. Retain sense of feel while inserting nuts & bolts with speed.

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