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Bobcat S185: Oil and Filter Change

Time: 15-20 min

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: $90-120 (oil preference)

Parts: 9.5 qts SAE 10W-30, 15W-40, 5W-30 (I used 5W-40 Synthetic), Bobcat Oil Filer 6675517


250 hrs, 200 hrs harsh conditions (dusty/hot)


Bring the machine up to normal operating temperature. Ensure the engine is off. Remove the oil fill cap, position an oil drain catch pan. Unscrew cap from oil drain tube, let drain. Remove oil filter, lubricate o-ring. Install oil filter and drain plug. Fill to recommended capacity with appropriate oil. Start the engine and run until oil pressure light extinguishes (3- 5 seconds). Turn off the engine. Verify oil level. Check for leaks. Clean any excess oil. With a paint pen or marker, write the current date and engine hours on the new oil filter for quick reference.

Watch the video below to see how the oil change was done on a 2012 Bobcat S185 Skidsteer.

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5W-40 Synthetic Oil

5W-40 Synthetic Oil - HD Diesel

Heavy Duty Grease

High Temp Grease, 2 pk

Oil Filter Wrench

Oil Filter Pliers, adjustable. This works great for most oil filters.

Oil Drain Pan

2 gallon oil drain pan

Disposable Shop Towels

Scott Blue Shop Towels in a Box

Engine Oil Filter

Bobcat S185 Oil Filter

Grease Gun

Quality grease gun and coupler

Paint Pens

Multi-surface paint marking pens (5-color pack)

Disposable Gloves

8mil disposable work gloves


Aerosol brake and parts cleaner

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