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Duramax 3.0 Maintenance and Serviceability (LM2)

An indepth look at the LM2 Duramax 3.0 engine from the perspective of future maintenance and serviceability. 

Below are a common OEM ACDelco maintenance items associated with its service.

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Dexron-ULV Automatic Transmission Fluid, 6 qts

AC Delco Dex-Cool

Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze, 1 gal

AC Delco Cabin Air Filter

CF185 Cabin Air Filter

AC Delco PF66

PF66 Engine Oil Filter

AC Delco Dexron VI

DEX VI Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

AC Delco DOT 4 Brake Fluid

AC Delco DOT 4 Brake Fluid, 16oz

AC Delco 0W-20

DexosD 0W-20 motor oil, 7 qts. Light Duty Diesel Motor Oil

GM Fuel Filter TP1015

GM TP1015 diesel fuel filter w/ seals

AC Delco A3244C Air Filter

High Capacity Air Filter

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