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KTM/Husqvarna/Gas Gas Accessories

An oversized brake pedal tip is an easy and inexpensive upgrade that provides a noticeable difference. Finding the pedal quickly and easily can prevent an ugly situation from turning worse.

This particular pedal from Enduro Engineering has two installation positions, excellent grip, and more real estate compared to stock.

Watch the video and browse accessories below!

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Grip End Cutter

Tusk grip end cutter tool

Air Box Cleaning Cover

Air filter box cover for bike wash.

Oil Drain Tool

Crankcase oil drain tool

Threaded Bar Ends

Threaded insert bar ends by Off Grid Syndicate

Torx Bit Set

12-piece torx bit set, 3/8" drive

1/4" Socket Set

Great 1/4" socket set with ratchet and driver

Tie Down Rings

Attach to front fork stud for a convenient tie down point

Wash Plug

Exhaust plug for bike washing

Brake Pedal Tip

Enduro Engineering Oversized Brake Pedal Tip
17-016 (45mm/1.77")

Open End Bar Grips

Lock-on grip set, open end.

PTFE Thread Tape

All purpose PTFE Thread Tape

Medium Threadlocker

Permatex Medium Strength Threadlocker BLUE

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