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Loader Bucket Cutting Edge Replacement

Replacing the cutting edge on a loader bucket restores uniform scraping and leveling abilities. It also reduces wear to the bucket itself.

There are a couple of methods to replace the cutting edge. You can either remove the existing edge, or weld a new edge onto it. While you have the welder out, it's a good time to repair cracks and fill voids from wear.

The video below shows the removal of a welded-on cutting edge, replacement, and general bucket repair.

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9" Cut-off Wheels

9" cut-off wheels for metal

5" Cut-off Wheels

5" cut-off wheels for metal

66" Cutting Edge

Titan Attachments 66" Bucket Hardened Carbon Steel Cutting Edge, 1/2" thickness

60" Cutting Edge

Titan Attachments 60" Bucket Hardened Carbon Steel Cutting Edge, 1/2" thickness

Makita 9" Cuff-off/Angle Grinder

9" angle grinder

Makita 5" Cut-off/Angle Grinder

Cordless/brushless angle grinder, tool only

72" Cutting Edge

Titan Attachments 72" Bucket Hardened Carbon Steel Cutting Edge, 5/8" thickness

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